Course in Animal Science

September 2013 and 2014 at IBMC:INEB, Porto, Portugal


This course follows the recommendations of FELASA (Federation for European Laboratory Animal Science Associations, accreditation number 020/08) for laboratory animal science training for scientists (Category C).

The course gives the necessary training to obtain a permit to work with animals in most European countries. Program: 1) Biology and husbandry of laboratory animals; 2) Microbiology and disease; 3) Health hazards and safe practices in the animal house; 4) Design and conduct of animal experiments; 5) Anesthesia, analgesia and experimental procedures; 6) Alternatives to animal use, ethical aspects and legislation; 7) Analysis of scientific literature; 8) Project work: throughout the course, the students have to prepare a complete protocol for a research project or an experiment, as if it was to be presented to an ethics committee.

Course duration: 80 h course either over 2 subsequent weeks or as modules of 3-5 days over one month. 


Course Programme  


Sponsored by FP7-PEOPLE-2012-ITN-EID IB2 - Industrial Biological Biomaterials Doctorate, a Marie Curie Initial Training Network 

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